Who we are

Our history

Working towards in bringing smile of many faces for the past 3 years by Mrs.K.Subhashini ,Chairman & Founder, Backed with an energetic and like-minded team.

Current focus

ALL THE CHILDREN finds new and innovative way to help and cater to the children & Senior Citizen who have lost their smiles.

Recent actions

FundRaising Campain for Medical and Health costs for a underprivileged family member / Individuals. Crowdfunding can be a good resource for someone life particular situation under medical causes.

News & events

Let’s Bring Back Kerala Campaign, Provided 100 water filters to 100 families and Primary Kit to 300 families which consists of daily needs.

Charity is a virtue of the heart, & not of the hands

To encourage each child’s growth, all kids at All The Childeren are given plenty of freedom and room to express themselves as individuals.

Whether as an athlete, artist, scholar, musician, teacher or farmer, all of our children are encouraged to find their own path.

To promote this, many enrichment activities are offered daily, including crafts, painting classes, among others.

If variety is the spice of life, we strive to keep our children’s lives as spicy as possible, mixing in events, activities and surprises whenever we can.